What it means to be part of the JKF Goju Kai Great Britain Karate Team / Seiwakai England Team

– represent your country at an international level

– will have access to tuition from top karate athletes around the world

– will have access to the support group (on physiotherapy, nutrition advice, athlete performance schedule etc)

– access to any possible funding for the team

– be part of an elite team

– a step towards a professional career in sport karate

The GB Team has been assembled and is being trained so it can participate in many tournaments throughout the UK, Europe and the World in the coming years. Whether or not right now they have a solid intention of representing their country overseas we still would like to give all members the chance to boost their skills and learn how to achieve better results at tournaments.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm about our association’s future. We really are in an exciting period in the history of JKF Goju Kai and the Seiwakai England (TKF); we have some of the highest grade instructors in the World resident within our group, a clear & open structure to progression and a student base of quality students who love their karate.