Congratulations to the new TKF Great Britain Team!


Event Division GB Team Reserves
1 6 – 7 years boys Andreas Mouton
Zaid Ali
2 8 – 9 years boys Seishiro Suzumura
Cameron Stephen
3 10 – 11 years boys Kai Rankine
James Duran
4 6 – 7 years girls Sumaiya Chowdhury
Abiraami Govindan
5 8 – 9 years girls Tirion Rhys Ciara Coyle
Alison Stephen Natalia Sousa-Gallego
6 10 – 11 years girls Sophie Durbin
7 12 – 14 years boys Conor Davies Jamie O’ Donell Artur Pirogov
David Taylor Sunit Jogia
8 12 – 14 years girls Rosie Padfield Sophie Welch Libby Davies
Millie Buck Elisabetta Mainwaring
9 15 – 18 years boys Paul Singh Padda Luke Joslin
Samuel Parker Tyrone Briscoe
10 15 – 18 years girls Jade Green Gina Boot
Sophie Keogan
11 19 – 49 years men Indran Tanabalan Ethan Williams Ryan Marvin
Richard Hang Hong Patrick Visnovski
12 19 – 39 years women Marie Tanabalan Amanda Moore
Joanna Britton Kirsty Brierley
13 50 years+ men Dave Taylor
14 40 years+ women Valerie Taylor
15 19 years+ men’s team Kiwaminakikai
(Robert D.,Asim,Joe)
16 19 years+ women’s   team Yudansha Kiwaminakikai 2
(Emmie,Vicky,Marie) (Ruth,Valerie,Christianna)
Kiwaminakikai 1

After a well fought Nationals on 30th October held at Crystal Palace, those that placed 1st or 2nd in their division for either kata or kumite, have been provisionally selected to represent Great Britain in future competitions, including at JKF Goju Kai All Japan Championships. (Following the squad selection on Sunday 4th December, the official squad list will be made available).

Great Britain Team members have access to:

  • special squad training held throughout the year
  • tuition from the best coaches in the UK and Europe
  • priority access to special training with the Japanese
  • training in every aspect of modern sport karate
  • athlete development program
  • opportunities and help from our fundraising committee to assist in overseas competition and training costs
  • competition equipment (sponsorship dependant) including dogi, safety gear and tracksuits

Continued membership is dependant on:

  • attendance at squad training with the GB Team and the TKF GB Team coaches

GB team training will also be open to other students within the group who are interested in training up for future spots. Please be under no illusion that you may be replaced if another student demonstrates more ability and presents a greater chance of securing a decent result at competition. This, of course, goes both ways and if you do lose your place you can always work hard to get it back. There will be no favouritism within the  GB Team; we are only interested in fielding the best squad possible for every competition we enter.