Please take time to read the Rules for this competition, and ensure you have entered the correct category.




  • Cost of entries: All Individual events = £20. Tasaki Memorial Cup = £50 (£10 per person). Check category list for the correct event number.
  • BANK TRANSFER: HSBC Bank, KAIZEN RYU UK LTD, Sort Code: 400907 Account: 91429841 [Please use competitor name or if paying for a group the Club/Association name as REFERENCE].
  • Please be aware that photographs & videos will be taken at this event by for promoting future events. By attending this event, you agree to your photo & video being taken and used for the aforementioned reasons.
  • Protests must be dealt with through the Arbitration Procedure. Please consult full rules.
  • You must have a current licence within your Association to enter the competition.
  • Only competitors, judges and tournament officials are allowed to enter the ring area.
  • Only judges/tournament officials may approach the control table. Competitors must go via their coach for information.
  • Competitors may only enter events in their age division. Competitors are not permitted to enter events above or below their division.
  • Compulsory equipment required by all competitors for kumite events
WKF style or approved mitts (blue or red only)

– WKF style or approved shin and foot protectors (blue or red only)

WKF style or approved chest guard (Women. Girls under 18 may choose to wear one. To be worn under body protector)

Mouth guard

WKF style or approved body protector (for all athletes)


  • For female competitors, only plain vests or t-shirts may be worn underneath the gi. No polo shirts
  • Clean KARATE GI’s are compulsory. Competitors must wear a full karate gi (jacket, trousers and belt) when competing in all events.
  • The competition will be using the WKF flag system for kumite (with modifications), and the WKF flag system for kata (with modifications).
  • All kata must be Goju
  • Only Qualified and Accredited Judges and Table Officials will be allowed to officiate on the day.
  • In under 14’s kumite there are no weight restrictions, so please be aware smaller children may be drawn against a taller child.
  • All kumite bouts will last a duration of 1 minute 30 seconds (under 18’s) and 2 minutes (18 and over).
  • Spectators entry fees are £5 (16yrs + up) and £3 (5 – 15yrs) which you pay at the Spectators entrance. Under 5’s go free. Spectators must not pose as coaches, and must not be on the control side of the areas.
  • Coaching of competitors is not allowed.
  • Bags and belongings should not be left unattended around the areas. Competitors are advised to write their name & club on their equipment. The Organisers take no responsibility for any loss or damage to competitors/coaches/spectators items on the day. Left items will be kept for 1 week after the event. Any unclaimed items after this date will be disposed of.
  • For full set of rules on kumite please refer to WKF Rules & Regulations
  • The tournament organisers reserve the right to make minor alterations within the rules for the benefit of a smoothly run competition


Any spectator/competitor or coach infringing the above rules or behaving in a way considered unacceptable and not in the spirit of karate do will be asked to leave the competition venue, no refund will be given, and the name of the club concerned will be reported to the TKF. Shikkaku may be invoked when a contestant or delegations act in a way which harms the prestige and honour of Karate-do. We do try to run events to time but unfortunately all competitions do experience slight problems. Your help and attention is needed on all the above points, so everyone may enjoy a safe and enjoyable day.